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  1. The Best Exercise for Brain Health

    Exercise has short term and long-term benefits for the aging brain. On top of brain benefits there are many other body systems that require exercise t...
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  2. What's the best way to eat to prevent DEMENTIA?

    The diet that I recommend most often for brain health is called the MIND diet. It's a combination of a Mediterranean style diet and the DASH diet whic...
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  3. Financial Scams: Top 5 Scams and How to Protect Yourself

    Unfortunately, older adults are a common target for fraudsters. With almost half of those over 65 reporting having been targeted. In the US older adul...
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  4. Flu FAQ

    Facts about the flu are described in this GERI-Minute....
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  5. The Flu and You - What you need to know about Flu Season 2020-2021

    Think the flu shot is ineffective? That it can give you the flu? Get the facts!...
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