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The Wrinkle, Advice & Information on aging from Dr. Nicole Didyk

Dr. Didyk is an engaging speaker, and an expert on all things aging. From keynotes to workshops or seminars, older adults, care partners and professionals can book interactive seminars through The Wrinkle.

Seminar topics include:

Dementia and Relationships

Dementia or Alzheimer's - What's the difference?

Depression in Late Life

Hazards of Hospitalization

How to help when your family member refuses

Medical Cannabis for the Older Adult

Medications - What you need to know

Normal Aging

Pain Management in the Older Adult

Planning for the Future

Responsive Behaviours in Dementia

Dementia Prevention and Treatment

Sex and Older Adults

...Dr. Didyk will speak on other topics by request

The Wrinkle, Advice for aging geriatrics by Dr. Nicole Didyk

The Importance Of Planning

You wouldn’t go on a trip around the world with only one pair of socks, so why would you go on the journey of aging (your own journey or that of a parent) without all the information you need? When travelling, the more you know about your destination, and the more you plan and prepare, the more enjoyable and hassle-free the trip is going to be. In the same way, patients and families who are informed and proactive are in a better position to navigate the healthcare system and advocate for the best possible care. Booking a seminar with Dr. Didyk will provide an engaging and formative experience that will help to educate and inform for the years to come.

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