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    Physical, emotional, and social changes affect all aspects of our relationships and our lives. The Wrinkle has valuable, practical information to empower you to move forward.

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Advice and Information on Aging Well

Dr. Nicole Didyk, a licensed Geriatrician, has been helping people age well for over 20 years.

The Wrinkle's Dr. Didyk is passionate about Geriatrics and education. Her clinical practice in geriatrics includes home visits, inpatient consultation, outreach to long-term care and retirement homes and a Geriatric Medically Complex Clinic.  With The Wrinkle, Dr. Didyk shares valuable information about aging that you need to know.

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The Wrinkle, Dr. Nicole Didyk, Geriatric Health in Ontario

The Facets of Aging

The Wrinkle is all about providing credible, practical information for aging well. Delivered with warmth and humour, the goal is to engage, support and create a space for sharing our experience of growing older and wiser.

The Wrinkle, Geriatric Care & Aging Health Issues, Ontario


Join Dr. Didyk for a quick look into important topics.

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Is This Normal?

Are the changes you are experiencing normal?

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Planning Ahead

Advice, tips and things to consider from Dr. Didyk.

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Caring for Yourself

It's important to care for your mental, physical, and sexual health.

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Caring for Others

Information to educate care partners and families of those who are aging.

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Geriatric FAQs

The answers to those questions you may not have known you had.

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Expert Advice From Dr. Nicole Didyk

If you work in health care, The Wrinkle will deliver some "pearls" that you can use in your own practice, and if you don’t have a medical background, you will find our content easy to understand and jargon-free!

Dr. Nicole Didyk, MD, Geriatrician in Ontario

  • Aging brings gifts and challenges. I am inspired by the wisdom and strength of our elders and want to promote healthy aging and positive attitudes towards growing older.
    - Dr. Nicole Didyk, MD

Our Stories At A Glance

It’s impossible to predict every aspect of getting older but learning about some key challenges and some critical strategies for navigating these pitfalls can go a long way to smoothing the path forward.

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What's different about Young Onset Dementia?

Oct 4th, 2020

Young onset dementia (YOD) is dementia that shows symptoms before the age of 65. Some of the pitfalls of YOD include managing a young family and work, and a delay in diagnosis due to a lower risk of dementia in younger adults.

Urinary Incontinence - Interview with Dr. Adrian Wagg

Aug 31st, 2020

Dr. Didyk interviews Dr. Adrian Wagg, Geriatrician and Professor of continence studies.

AGEISM - How to recognize it and why it's harmful

Jul 26th, 2020

A big part of my job as a geriatrician is fighting ageism. Ageism is defined as discrimination against an individual because of their age and that can be younger age or older age or somewhere in between. It's not hard to find examples of ageism, there rampant in advertising and marketing. But why should we be worried about ageism and how can it be harmful.