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  1. Planning Ahead for a Crisis- Is Now the Time?

    What does it mean to think about and talk about your end-of-life wishes? Another term we use for that is advance care planning. And there are a lot of...
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  2. How to Optimize your Aging Immune System

    Dr. Didyk is a medical doctor and Geriatrician. In this video, you'll hear tips about how to optimize the function of your aging immune system. The...
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  3. Should you take your mom out of her senior's home - a decision aid

    A Geriatrician presents a decision aid that has been developed and published by researchers at the University of Ottawa, to help in deciding if your p...
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  4. Is it time to take your mom out of her senior's home?

    A Geriatrician reviews the pros and cons of taking a family member out of a senior's home, like an assisted living facility, during an infection pande...
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  5. Talking to an Expert about the Coronavirus

    We talk to an expert in infectious diseases about Coronavirus, a new virus that originated in China and has spread to Canada. Social distancing and g...
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  6. Coronavirus - The Basics for Older Adults

    Coronavirus is transmitted through respiratory droplets, and causes mild symptoms in about 80% of cases, but appears to be more likely to cause seriou...
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