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  1. Urinary Incontinence - Interview with Dr. Adrian Wagg

    Dr. Didyk interviews Dr. Adrian Wagg, Geriatrician and Professor of continence studies....
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  2. Who needs a Geriatrician?

    Geriatricians are specialists in the care of older adults, but they see people of various ages who need a comprehensive review....
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  3. Myths about Memory Tests

    Memory tests like the MoCA can be used to screen for dementia but they have their limitations. Memory tests often have to be adjusted to account for ...
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  4. Pressure Ulcers - Prevention is Key

    Pressure ulcers (also referred to as "bedsores") cause the breakdown of skin and underlying tissues and are an unfortunate consequence of immobility....
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  5. The Flu and You - What you need to know about Flu Season 2020-2021

    Think the flu shot is ineffective? That it can give you the flu? Get the facts!...
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  6. Too Fat To Be Frail?

    When we think about frailty, an image of a thin, fragile senior often comes to mind....
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  7. What are ADL's?

    Why are ADL's, Activities of Daily Living, so important during the assessment and care of seniors?...
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  8. Watch your Ageist Language!

    Language is important and we avoid certain terms that are considered offensive or disrespectful, but what about ageist language?...
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