The Vulnerable Brain

Posted Feb 22nd, 2020

The Vulnerable Brain

When a person's brain has undergone changes from dementia, stroke, injury, or other processes, it can be vulnerable to even seemingly minor disruptions in health, like a urinary tract infection or an extra dose of a pain pill. This video defines the "vulnerable brain" and the related concept of frailty, which is more common in older adults, and is frequently seen by the Geriatrician.


  • Anne Colontino on Feb 29th, 2020
    Dr. Nicole, I have gotten a lot of excellent information regarding the "Vanlernable" brain. I wouldn't have realized how a bladder infection could effect the brain. I'll be visiting your website for your conversations and stories. Anne Colontino
  • Dr. Nicole Didyk on Feb 29th, 2020
    Hi Anne! I'm so glad you found the video to be helpful. Bladder infection (aka UTI, or urinary tract infection) is a very common cause of confusion in older adults with a vulnerable brain. Thanks for visiting The Wrinkle and if you click on "Contact" at the top of the page, you can sign up for our monthly newsletter too!

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