Difficult Conversations Part 2 - Dementia Diagnosis

Posted Oct 11th, 2019 in Caring for Others, Legal, Planning Ahead

Difficult Conversations Part 2 - Dementia Diagnosis

The diagnosis and disclosure of dementia or MNCD can be a challenge in the Geriatrician's office. Dr. Didyk describes some of the pitfalls and nuances of communicating this information to a patient and family.


  • Alicia Gutierrez on Feb 11th, 2020
    Very helpful videos. I'm facing this problem with "driving" now, with my husband who has been diagnosed with early Alzheimer.
  • Dr. Didyk on Feb 11th, 2020
    Thanks for sharing your experience, and I'm so glad you found the video helpful. Some people living with dementia CAN drive, but it's very difficult to determine a person's driving fitness from an office visit with a doctor, even a Geriatrician. Some communities have driver testing centres that are designed to assess a person's fitness to drive from a medical perspective. The assessments can be costly but can provide valuable info.

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