Sex and Seniors - Part 2

Posted Sep 19th, 2019 in Caring for Yourself, Caring for Others

When one person in a relationship develops a significant disability, how does it affect sexuality?

Can you be an intimate partner, and a caregiver? Many seniors face these changes but it's not something we hear a lot of talk about.

We interview Natalie Wilton, a social worker and sex therapist, with a special interest in caregiver sexuality. Want a transcript of the interview? Go here for more information.


  • Diane Walker on Feb 16th, 2022
    If Natalie Wilton is still needing caregivers to interview for her research discussed in this interview please pass on my contact information.
  • Hank on Mar 30th, 2022
    I care for my wife, 50, who have an amputation 2 years ago and her prosthetic has been too painful to allow her to walk more than an hour a day. She had to leave her job, losing her social group and identity and worsening her long-term treated depression. We're now both depressed, and sex seems like an unattainable dream, considering our more pressing needs and the struggle to put up with each other- her resenting needing my help and still being grateful, and me unable to do enough or elevate her mood. Depression treatment stops her sadness, but doesn't make her happy, just neutral. We both want more intimacy, but the emotional, physical and relational barriers seem insurmountable.
  • Sally Owens on Apr 1st, 2022
    what do you do when your going through menopause and you not only the nurse, caregiver and have become the mommy and man of house and your husband woulnt stop nagging for sex when your just tired and not in the mood? Hes handicapped so if we do have sex its just another job on my plate that im too tired to perform. I dont get any pleasure from it and I feel like sex worker on top of being a mom. Its twisted sick and I feel gross. I feel like I am about to melt down and loose it.

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