Respite Care

Posted Sep 19th, 2019 in Caring for Yourself, Caring for Others, Planning Ahead

Respite Care is important for geriatric care partners.

Being a care partner is a tough role and getting regular respite can be crucial to carrying on for the long haul.

Dr. Didyk explains why respite is important and the different forms of respite that may be available in your community.


  • Rita Loeb on Jun 3rd, 2020
    Where do we have reasonably priced Respite Care in this region?? An immense shortfall that nothing is being done about in this area. Furthermore, what is being done about it?? Another area where "unpaid caregivers" are being SHOVED thru the cracks.
  • Dr. Nicole Didyk on Jun 12th, 2020
    Hi Rita and I agree, respite care can be costly and hard to access. If the person you are caring for is living with dementia, then the Alzheimer Society is a good place to start, or your local homecare agency, which is the LHIN if you live in Ontario. Often, respite can be subsidized, or cost can be claimed for a tax credit. There is a lot of advocacy and activism going on right now to promote more awareness of the needs of caregivers and the massive contribution that the caregivers make to our system. COVID has moved these discussions forward, strangely enough.

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