Geriatric Assessment

Posted Sep 19th, 2019 in Caring for Yourself, Caring for Others

Geriatric Assessments are known for being lengthy and comprehensive. They provide a geriatrician with a complete health picture.

The Geriatrician may look at many aspects of a person's health from brains to bones and all the systems in between, as well as a thorough review of medications, medical history and current living situation.

You would think that with all of this careful assessment, the Geriatrician could come up with a plan that could be executed right away! But not so, explains Dr. Didyk, treatment plans are multi-faceted.

The principles of Geriatric care include:

  • Changing one variable at a time
  • Starting low and going slowly with medication changes
  • Ensuring the information gathered is as complete as possible 
  • Allowing a diagnosis to develop over time

Putting together and implementing a Geriatric care plan may take a few weeks or months but is the safest and best way to care for complex seniors.



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