Delirium Prevention

Posted Sep 19th, 2019 in Caring for Yourself, Caring for Others

Delirium is a syndrome that comes on suddenly, fluctuates, causes disturbances in thinking, paying attention, and alertness.

Delirium can happen when a senior is very sick, for example with infection or an adverse drug reaction.

There are some strategies that can reduce the likelihood of getting a delirium, and family members can help implement these.

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  • Maite Vallejo on May 30th, 2021
    Hello, My mother has Alzheimer and because of an accident in the bathroom she broke 7 rips, she had an hemothorax an had to be admitted in the hospital, which caused her a deterioration of her mental condition and of course delirium, which has been a problem since she left the hospital. I will like to know how can I discover or find out the cause of delirium so that I can really help her, and which is the best way to help her during the crisis of delirium.

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